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*We offer a 10% discount to Veterans and First Responders, please email us for more information.

In the event of a cancellation made at least 48 hours prior to class, we will retain a $50 administrative fee.
However, that will be applied to any class scheduled within the next 12 months.

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The objective of this comprehensive safety course is to provide the student with the knowledge required to safely own, carry, and shoot a firearm. It is designed to exceed New Jersey’s training requirements for citizens seeking to apply for their New Jersey permit to carry a handgun.

There will be a review of marksmanship fundamentals, holster draws, and time to practice. However, this qualification requires that the individual is already comfortable handling their firearm, to include reloading and working from a holster.

Go to the New Jersey State Police website and scroll down to the “Permit to Carry” forms to review the curriculum on the “use of force and qualification” for the private citizen. This form outlines the 50-round qualifier.

Submitting an application can be done through an online portal on the New Jersey State Police website.

The qualification requires that you have a handgun, holster, spare magazine / speed loader for revolvers. Additional items required for class: 100 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection. Plenty of water.

Frequently Asked Questions / We Have Answers!

Yes, one of the requirements to obtain a New Jersey permit to carry is a firearms qualification done by an NRA-certified or equivalent instructor.

We exceed requirements of the State of New Jersey for a concealed carry class. Topics include, but are not limited to: Safety, application process, state and federal laws, techniques for avoiding criminal attack, basics of gun handling, marksmanship, physiological and psychological reactions to deadly force encounters, reaction time and decision-making process.

Yes, the application process is the same for residents and non-residents of New Jersey.

In some states. See the USCCA reciprocity map for more information: USCCA Reciprocity Map

We do ask that you pay up front, either through electronic payment, sending a check, or making arrangements to drop off cash ahead of time. This gives you peace of mind that we are able to reserve your spot.

You will receive a refund, minus a $50 administrative fee. However, that will be applied to your class if you reschedule within 12 months of the original registration date.

The class is held at the Oxford Gun Club, 880 Chrome Road, Oxford, PA 19363.

Yes, we give a 10% discount for all of these. Please be prepared to show your ID when you arrive at class.

For the classroom portion: note-taking paraphernalia. For the range day: Handgun, holster, 100 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection. Lunch. Plenty of water.

The State of New Jersey prefers that you qualify with the gun you intend to carry, so it is best to have your own firearm first.

We cover the application process in detail during class. In addition, we are always available for questions once you have completed the class.

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